08 Drill Battery Tips: Improve Durability and Performance


Drill batteries are very useful as a power source for drills. Most drill batteries are made with Li-Ion, and it is rechargeable. To increase durability and performance, we should use it properly. When you follow these 08 tips, you can use the drill battery with more durable and high performance.

8 Tips for Drill Batteries

  1. Avoid use in higher temperature area
  2. Charge between10% and 90% capacity
  3. Use the battery in compatible drilling machines
  4. Use proper mechanisms in the tools
  5. Store drill batteries properly
  6. Charge with proper charger
  7. Do not interchange out of the drill brand.
  8. Avoid overheating

1. Avoid Use in Higher Temperature Area

Avoid Higher Temperature
Drill machine is used in a high heated area

The recommended operating temperature for the Li-Ion drill batteries is between You should avoid to use your drill battery in higher temperature areas like extreme sunlight. You should always use your drill battery under the recommended temperature for using, charging, and storing.

  • Recommended temperature for drill battery usage – 20-25°C (68-77°F)
  • Recommended temperature for drill battery charging – 5 °C-40 °C (40 °F-105 °F)
  • Recommended temperature for drill battery storing – 5 °C-20 °C (41 °F-68 °F)
  • Drill battery capacity lose with temperature
    • 25 °C (77 °F) – Capacity lose 20% per year
    • 40 °C (104 °F) – Capacity lose 35% per year
    • -20 °C (-4 °F) – Capacity lose 50% per year

2. Charge Between10% and 90% Capacity

You should charge your drill battery between 10%-90% charge range. You should not charge the drill battery between 0%-100% . When you charge 0%-100% you have to spend one charge cycle. That will reduce the lifespan of the battery. Because a drill battery has 1000 charge cycles. In order to avoid this you should charge the drill battery between 10%-90%. When it reaches 90% you should remove the battery from the charger.

3. Use the Battery in Compatible Drilling Machines

You should use your drill battery in compatible drilling machines. You can use your drill battery with interchanging other power tools. In this case you should always consider 3 things such as tool voltage and battery voltage, battery brand and tool brand, and battery capacity.

  1. Tool voltage and battery voltage – You should check the tool voltage and battery voltage before using the battery in the tool. The higher voltage battery will burn the motor winding, while the lower voltage battery will reduce the power (torque and rpm) of the tool.
  2. Battery brands and tool brands – Most of drill batteries are designed to be compatible with other power tools in the brand. So you can use the same voltage battery in the same brand if the connection is alright.
  3. Battery capacity – Battery capacity should be checked if the above 2 things are alright. The higher capacity battery will increase the RPM of the tool while the lower capacity battery will reduce it.

4. Use Proper Mechanisms in the Tools

Use Proper Mechanisms
The right tool for right work

Before you use a drilling machine, you should know its mechanism, techniques and compatible tools. The proper mechanism and techniques of the tool gain maximum efficiency and minimize safety hazards and costs.

Hammer drillHammering actionDrill for concrete, stone, brick, mortar
Impact driverImpact mechanismDrive nuts and bolts
SDS drills
(SDS plus, SDS max)
Slotted drive systemImproved hammering action.
Can be used for higher-dense materials

5. Store Drill Batteries Properly

You should store drill batteries properly with recommended temperature, humidity, environment, and charging capacity. The drill battery capacity will be reduced (even the battery can be dead) if one of these factors are changed. Hence you should follow the below recommended conditions for drill battery storage.

Recommended conditions for drill battery storing for long period

  1. Store at room temperature – 20–22 °C (68–72 °F)
  2. Relative humidity should be 50%
  3. Recharge every 6 months up to 50% of its maximum voltage.
  4. Store with 50% less voltage of it maximum voltage
  5. Do not store with nails, pins, paper clips, metal powders that can connect terminals
  6. Do not store with the tool connected
  7. Store in dry environment

6. Charge With Proper Charger

Use Proper Charger
Use proper charger for a proper drill battery

You should always use the recommended drill battery charger for the drill batteries. It will increase the lifespan and performance of the drill battery.

Advantages of using proper charger on drill battery.

  1. Enhanced battery life
  2. Optimal charging speed
  3. Safety protection features
  4. Improved battery performance
  5. Maintains battery health
  6. Prolongs drill’s lifespan

You should not use higher voltage charger to charge the battery. although it reduce the charging time and it will affect the impedance of the battery. Hence you should always use a recommended drill battery.

Disadvantages of using improper battery charger on drill battery.

  1. Risk of battery overheating
  2. Reduced battery lifespan
  3. Decreased battery performance
  4. Risk of electrical short circuits
  5. Potential damage to the charger
  6. Safety hazards such as fire or explosion

7. Do not Interchange Out of the Drill Brand.

You can interchange the drill battery with other drill brands using an adaptor if the voltage is similar. An adaptor helps you to use DeWalt 18V battery in Milwaukee 18V tools. This is an advantage of using an adaptor. But there are negative impacts.

Negative impacts of using drill battery interchanging

  1. Reduction in battery performance
  2. Potential damage to the tool’s internal mechanisms
  3. Safety risks due to improper usage
  4. Decreased battery lifespan
  5. Risk of voiding warranty

8. Avoid Overheating

When a drill battery is overheated its durability and performance can be reduced due its impedance variation. A drill battery can be overheated while it is using with drilling machine as well as charging. These are the main 7 reasons to overheat the drill battery.

7 Reasons for Drill Battery Overheating

  1. Apply too much pressure on the tool
  2. Cover the ventilations in tool
  3. Heavy loaded works
  4. Short the electricl paths
  5. Worn brushes in the tool
  6. Continuous working
  7. Improper tools using

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