How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Hammer Drill?

Hammer drills are used for many hard drilling purposes. Buying a hammer drill is not a solution every time. Sometimes you have to rent it for specific work and tasks. So, how much does it cost to rent a hammer drill? I have prepared an in-detail guide for that.

The average price for the hammer drill renting is 10$-20$ for 4 Hours, 20$-30$ per Day, and 100$-150$ per Week. The renting price can vary depending on the geological location, instrument power consumption, accessories, delivery charge, cleaning charge, tax, brand, and usage of the hammer drill.

Renting a hammer drill is an optional way for DIY projects. But considering the long-term period, it is not a good solution. I have noted down all factors for each topic in detail. Keep reading on it and have a clear idea for this.

Where Can I Rent a Hammer Drill?


Hammer drills, impact drivers, power tools, and vehicles are rented as a large company and individual shops. There is a partnership with Home Depot and Makita. Because of this, Makita products can be rent out through Home Depot.

And also there are shops run individually in the area. They provide tools for rent for a certain price. In locally, there are so many online renting platforms. You can do reservations by depositing using a credit card the required amount and book; after, you can pick it.

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What are the Required Documents for Hammer Drill Renting?

It depends on the shop or platform. But mainly, you will need the below documents. All these are returned except the rental cost. Hammer drills are rented out according to a “first come, first serve” basis. So if you can pay online, you can reserve it. Otherwise, you need to go and rent it. You can check the availability by calling the shop.

  1. Government-issued ID
  2. Passport
  3. License
  4. Valid credit card

What are the Requirments of Hammer Drill Renting?

Renting a hammer drill from a renting platform has both advantages and disadvantages. You may have to suffer badly if the tools are broken. And also, if it is quick work, it is an easy way to do that. With spending a few bucks, you can do your work. So now, let’s see what you should have to rent out a tool. it depends on the renting platforms. But commonly, I can summarize as below

01. Reservation with a deposit (only credit cards) – This can be varied according to the tool and shop
02. A valid identification is required to pickup
03. Accessories may be given
04. Age limit – 18+
05. Rental rates are based on 4 hours, 24 hours, Weekly, and 4 weeks.
06. Cleaning Charges – shop labor rate x cleaning hours.
07. Delivery Charges

What are the Rental Prices of Hammer Drills?

The cost for the Hammer drills renting is for 4 Hours, 24 Hours, Week, and 4 Weeks.

Type of DrillBrandDeposit 4 Hours24 HoursWeek4 WeeksMarket price (tool)
Cordless Impact DriverMilwaukee50$18$25$100300$109$
18V Cordless DrillMakita50$15$22$88$264$199$
18V Cordless Impact DriverMakita50$11$15$60$180$134$
Hammer Drill 1/2″Makita25$27$38$152$456$241$
Mud Mixing Drill 1/2″Makita50$16$23$92$276$140$
Right Angle Drill 1/2″Makita50$17$24$96$288$234$
Roto Hammer 1Makita25$37$53$212$636$299$
Roto Hammer 1 1/2″Makita50$43$61$244$732$459$
Roto Hammer 2″Makita100$50$71$284$852$739$
Hammer Drill, SDS, Dewalt 20V CordlessDewaltN/A12$65$180$540$379$
Drill Rental, SDS Plus, Rotary Hammer, 1″DewaltN/A14$56$140$350$379$
Drill, SDS MAX, Rotary HammerDewaltN/A16$65$163408$389$
Hammer drill renting cost and durations

Above all, Makita and Milwaukee brands are from Home Depot, and the rest are from

Is Hammer Drill Renting Worth it?

When you carefully examine the above table, you can see the market price of the tool is less than or equal to the 4 weeks’ renting fees. This is a demotivation for the renting. If you rent for 4 weeks, you can buy new tools by using that money. So it is not a good approach to renting per month.

Let’s think about a week and a day. It is a great opportunity. Renting per day is the best option for a tool. Some platforms offer a less-than-a-week option. Those are very good for renting.

In brief, the day option is the best option, and moving beyond that can be a reason to buy a new tool permanently. Sometimes if the tools are broken or damaged you have to pay for that as well as you should pay for the cleaning also. So considering these facts, renting a hammer drill is very good for 1 day or a few days—more than that, it is not a good idea considering the price.

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What Happened if a Hammer Drill Breaks Down During Renting Period?

Any damage such as theft, abuse, misuse, neglect, intentional acts and/or failure to follow the proper use and care instructions provided for the Equipment is covered by the damage protection in Home Depot. It is 15% of the rental price.

The customer should accept that. Also customer shall be responsible for all repair or replacement costs not covered by damage protection.

What Happened If Renting Time Exceeds?

When your project takes more than expected, you have to use the machines also. So you should plan the project well and rent out the related tool. If you rent out a hammer drill that exceeds the agreed time period, you must pay for the extra.

That is different from the shop and platform. When the time is exceeded, you have to pay for the extended hours. These rates are calculated according to the normal day hours. So better ask about it from your dealer

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