Use Table Saw in Apartment: No Noise, Dust, Vibration

Table saw is really important for woodworking. We have to use the table saw indoor. But using the table saw in the apartment gives you a lot of experience. I have prepared this article based on the detail that I picked for use the table saw in my apartment. So If you wish to buy a table saw to use in your apartment, you should check this first. I promise you can gain many details.

Normally, A table saw can be used in the apartment by reducing the noise, dust, and vibration with a suitable voltage. Soundproofing and using eco barriers will help to reduce the noise, and a high-pressure vacuum will reduce dust emissions. For the vibrations, you can use shock absorber material.

Using a table saw in the apartment is mainly based on four things. Power consumption, noise, dust, and vibrations are the main things. So you had better understand to manage these things without disturbing your neighbours. Here I found many things to avoid it. So let’s keep reading on before you buy a table saw before you use it in your apartment.

What are the Recommended Noise Level and Voltage of an Apartment?

The recommended noise level in the apartment is between 60 to 55 dB. This noise level is equal to the vacuum cleaner. It applies after 10 pm and until 7 am. When the noise level exceeds 70 dB considered disturbing to neighbours.

The recommended voltage in the apartment is 120 VAC in the USA. The recommended voltage level can be varied with the location.

Noise level table

What are the Table saw Noise Level and Power Consumption?

A table saw produces noise when it is running. The noise level depends on the table saw brand, technology, blade type and workpiece.

These are the lowest noise 5 table saws

  1. The Bosch GTS10J table saw produces 100.2 dB
  2. Metabo TS 216 table saw produces 105.3 dB
  3. Draper 82385 200mm 1100 W table saw produces 90.5 dB
  4. Milwaukee M18 FTS 210 table saw produces 100.5 dB
  5. Dewalt DW 745 table saw produces 103.5 dB

A corded table saw consumes 120 VAC voltage while it is running. When you use a cordless table saw, it may consume 20V-40V of voltage.

How to Reduce Table Saw Noise Level in the Apartment?

In order to reduce the table saw noise as it can be used in the apartment, we should consider electrical, mechanical, and environmental upgrades. So let’s see how to minimize the Table saw noise up to its recommended level.

1. Oil the Table Saw Bearings

This is the simple and first one we should do. When the bearings are rotating without lubricants, they provide a higher amount of noise due to friction. So, applying oils can reduce friction and reduce the noise. More than that, apply the grease or lubricants oil inappropriate places.

2. Remove the Old Table Saw Bearing

As I explained above, the bearings can produce a high amount of noise. If the bearings are old and abrade due to friction, oiling is not useful. So you had better change it. So check the bearing if there is a high sound change.

3. Use a Sharp Saw Blade

When the blade is not sharp it will take much time to cut the workpiece. So you had better use the sharp cutting tool to cut the workpiece. Dull blades will reduce the cutting speed, and it will produce additional noise.

4. Soundproof the Walls

If you are going to use the table saw inside the apartment, you must soundproof the walls using suitable soundproof material.

5. Use Echo Barrier

If you can use this Eco Barrier inside the apartment, you can reduce the noise of the tools in a high amount. This is a kind of a chamber. You have to work inside, and it will reduce the higher amount of noise produced inside. So it is really important than doing soundproofing the room.

How to Keep the Apartment Free of Table Saw Dust?

Sawdust is another factor we should consider when we use the table saw inside the apartment. We can’t block the sound by sealing the area. But we can prevent the dust effect by sealing the area. Sawdust consists of chips and powders.

Chips can be easily removed by hand, and they will not spread everywhere due to their higher weight. But dust can be spread through the air, and it will cause lots of health problems than physical problems.

We can remove it easily when it is on the surface. But inhaling will cause many health effects such as cancer. So make sure how much dust is produced and how to remove the dust perfectly.

As for me, I use a fully sealed echo barrier with a permanently fixed vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. It is with a high-quality dust filtration bag. Using a blade guard will reduce the spread of dust very efficiently.

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How to Reduce the Table Saw VIbration in the Apartment?

The table saw is a combination of mechanical and electrical equipment. When the mechanical parts are rotting, they can vibrate due to unbalanced weights. Normally, the saw blade and motor are the main unbalanced parts, and due to some bad shaft bearings, this can be increased too much. When the table saw is vibrated, the floor also vibrates due to its placement.

The building can be damaged due to vibration when you use the table saw inside. So you had better use the table saw with lower vibrations.

So the only way to prevent the vibration is to disconnect from the legs where the table is placed.

Disconnecting is really simple; you just need to apply shock-absorbing material between the floor and legs of the table. I use some hard rubber first and then apply soft rubber.

If you increase the shock absorb materials, vibration will be reduced. So add the layers with static structure as it is not moving while it is vibrating.

What are the 6 Problems of Using Table Saw in Apartment?

  1. Noise pollution in the apartment – High noise pollution that may violate apartment rules and disturb neighbours.
  2. Limit the living space – Using a table saw in the apartment can reduce the living space.
  3. Dust collection – Table saw dust collecting can increase cleanup challenges and may affect air quality.
  4. Higher safety risk – Using a table saw in the apartment can increase the safety risk due to less space, lack of light and improper ventilation.
  5. Apartment lease violation – Using industrial-level machinery such as a table saw might contradict residential lease agreements.

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