Drill Bit Sizes For Anchors – (Quick Guide)

Drilling an anchor hole is a common task in the house. There are dozens of drill bits, and many types of anchors are available in the market. Selecting the correct drill bit for using anchor size is difficult. After you refer this guide, you can find a suitable drill bit for any anchor you use.

Normally drill bit size is equal to the anchor diameter for the concrete anchors. For the plastic anchors, the drill bit will be a bit small, considering the anchor diameter. For the drilling process, you can use the HSS drill bit with a hammer drill for drilling the anchor hole efficiently.

When you anchor, you should know the types of drill bits, types of drills, drilling speed and many more things related to preparing the drill hole for the anchoring process. In this guide, you can have it all in detail from the beginning. So let’s keep reading until the end!

What are the Drill Bit Sizes For Wall Anchors?

The anchor hole and anchor bit should be the same in diameter. Most anchors are designed with steel, zinc and aluminum. Those can hold maximum torque and force. Below you can see anchor sizes and anchor bit sizes in detail.

Anchor SizeDrill Bit Size
Wall anchor drillbit size chart

What are the Types of Anchors?

We are not able to select all kinds of anchors everywhere. It depends on the material, borehole and many more. So you can select the types of anchors for your task below.

These are the 12 types of wall anchors

  1. Wedge Anchors
  2. Seismic Wedge Anchors
  3. Self-Threading Anchor
  4. Expansion Anchors
  5. Drop-In Anchors
  6. Masonry Sleeve Anchors
  7. Nail-drive Anchors
  8. Hurricane Protection Anchor
  9. All-purpose plastic plug anchors
  10. Maxi-Set Anchors
  11. SCOTS Anchors
  12. Storm Guard Anchors
wall anchor types
Types of anchors source Tapcon

How to Determine Drill Bit Size for Wall Anchors?

We have to create so many construction DIY projects in the house. Some are based on concrete, and some are based on the wood and sometimes we have to combine construction, such as creating a wall rack mounting to the wall.

When an anchor is mounted to the wall, it’s size should be determined properly.

Because, If the hole diameter is high, the anchor will not fit tightly inside. If the hole diameter is lower, we are not able to insert the anchor. So each anchor type has recommended a pre-drilled hole.

Normally, we can measure the diameter and length of the anchor. More than that, there are simple methods to be used.

Take the anchor and choose a drill bit by comparing its diameter and length. Because the anchor diameter should be equal to the drill bit diameter, hence you can determine the drill bit size by comparing both sizes together.

What are the Anchor Drill Bits?

Anchor drill bits are considered as masonry drill bits. Anchors are mounted in walls, concrete, stone, wood ar anywhere. Hence drill bits can be varied. But you can use these types of drill bits for the below materials.

➤ You can use masonry drill bits for wall, concrete, and stone anchors.

➤ You can use wood drill bits for wood anchors.

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